5 Kinds Of Food That Are Good For Your Vision

As a kid we’ve always heard the phrase that if you eat a lot of carrots and green leaves you will turn as white as a bunny. As gullible kids we swallow down chunks of carrots and eat spinach holding this thought true until we grow up and realize that it was a myth. As adults we slowly start to realize that we were fed so much of carrots not to improve our complexion but to have the perfect vision. Yes, it’s time to start adding broccoli and leaves to your diet if you need to have the perfect vision. The right kind of food can help you achieve the perfect 20/20 vision. Here are 5 different kinds of food that you need to start adding to your daily meals.
Add the greens

We hear of many people having cataracts and other vision problems. This can be prevented the more you add spinach, kale and collard greens to your diet. These leafy greens have vitamin C that is good for the blood vessels in your eyes. The more you have huge green leaves the more you can prevent diseases related to the vision.

Fish that contains fatty acids

Have you ever read the label of a food box and found ‘omega 3’ in block letters or highlights? Most of us would have. This is highlighted due to the high benefits one receives from consuming fatty acids. These are important for your retinas to work and to prevent glaucoma Hong Kong that can cause permanent blindness. DHA and EPA are the two kinds of fatty acids that you need for a perfect vision. Salmon, trout and tuna are the healthiest kinds of fish that you need to consume.

Meat and poultry 

This is a good news for all the meat lovers out there who thought they had to ditch the plate of meat and turn to vegetables. Zinc in meat and shellfish brings vitamin A to your retina, where it’s used to make the protective pigment melanin for the retina. Age related macular degeneration can happen if there’s any damage to the retina. Oysters have the highest amount of zinc. Chicken and beef are also good enough to protect your vision.


The king of every healthy breakfast. Eggs have the whole package for a healthy body and lifestyle. It can protect your vision from harmful blue light that can damage your retina. The zinc in the egg can boost the amount of protective pigment in the retina, the part of your vision that controls central vision.

Seeds and nuts 

This might come as good news for all the nutella lovers and peanut butter fans. Nuts and seed are good sources of food to help your improve your vision. Almonds, sunflower seeds and hazelnut can prevent your vision from diseases. These food contain vitamin E that can prevent cataract forming in your vision.

Your vision is the most important part of your body. There are many people that have permanent blindness due to their negligence when it comes to their eyesight. This is why it’s important that you take care of them by consuming the right kind of food.